nội thất ARIZE - Thương hiệu chuyên thiết kế thi công nội thất

한국의 첨단 소재 기업 WAPS의 철학과 기술력을 담은 라이프스타일 솔루션 브랜드

Embrace everything about space

Like the color harmony of Dancheong(the Korean traditional building paintwork)

and Saekdong(the Korean traditional clothing),
  • makes spatial harmony with separate different components.
Meaning & Naming

Materials that benefit me

‘I’ am the most precious existence in the world.
With thoughtful consideration, our products are made of better materials for happy experiences of everyone.
Logo & color

Main color of the Korean tradition, Dancheong and Saekdong

The ARIZE logo is set in basic English font but it is connected like a single line
and painted in the Korean traditional color.
It means the connection of human, nature, and material
and symbolizes the Korean technology which emphasizes nature and balance.

We come up with a solution for happy life at the ‘space’.

Birth, growth, work and love are always with you and your dreaming wonderful place.
With 20-year-knowhow, high-tech materials,
and novelty in space, we design from better spaces to better lives.

Global Network

ARIZE Factory

  • Korea Yangsan Factory
  • Korea Cheongju Factory
  • Vietnam Binh Duong Factory